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Treating Yourself no.34
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For anyone new to the world of medical marijuana Hempathy will ease the transition. To those who know next to nothing about cannabis, the book is educational. For the seasoned advocate, sit back and enjoy.

Mary lou Smart

Howard Marks, Mr. Nice, Wales
Yogananda-Varanasi, India
Cort and Remy, DaVinci Vaporizer, Las Vegas
Dani, Barcelona
Ivanart, Leire from Canna, Spain and Steve from Canna, Canada
Jaime from Resin Seeds, Barcelona
Jaime from Resin Seeds, Ivanart, Shantibaba from Mr Nice and Hank from Dutch Passion
Jose from Khalada comics, Valencia
Karulo and Gemma, Barcelona
Luc and Patrick from Paradise Seeds, Amsterdam
Martin from ROOR
Moises from Cañamo magazine, Madrid